Harvey Dog

The former vocalist / lyricist with The Hated Uncles, now mixes words with sounds real and virtual played through a Yeti Blue USB mic and using Audacity software.

He lovingly calls the results "motherfuckers".

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The Hated Uncles

The Hated Uncles hailed from Hamilton, Ontario. The band existed from 1985 to 1998 in various permutations and formats with various breaks here and there.

Band members included John Harvey (vocals), Paul Settle (trumpet, guitar), John Kinsella (bass), Bill Day (guitar), Bruce Black (drums), John Battaglia (guitar) and Dave Turcotte (drums).

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The Latest!

Added I'm Straight (Jonathan Richman)
Recent Additions:
  • Take It Down, Nice 'n Slow
  • Alien Parables, part 1
  • I'm Raging, I'm Raving, I'm Ranting
  • 16 Tons (Merle Travis)
  • Silhouettes Dancing (On A Dark Misty Night)
  • Hated Uncles - Variety Show (1989)