The Injuries of a Hated Uncle


The Injuries of a Hated Uncle

I endured (and still endure) pain from the wrestling days; however, I did have some training in pain prior to those days. I refer to my days as Lead Vocalist of The Hated Uncles.

I had (at least) 2 concussions, damage to the knees due to my penchant for dropping to the floor – I woke up with many ugly bruises on the knees – and they would feel soft and loose for a few days.

Hated Uncles Live 1991 Toronto 1150 Club

The Injury List

  • Concussion #1: Grapes & Things – Hamilton, ON – around 1986-87? It was an early show with HD, Bill, JK, Paul & Bruce. The bar was narrow, but long, and enough people showed up that the bar actually filled up nicely. I remember best friends from high school, John & Brian showing up, and I hadn’t seen them in a few years. It was also the first show where I smoked some “friendlies” beforehand – along with my usual 6 or so beers…the show went well…and I believe it was during our last song, I remember being on the tiny dance floor and I’m not exactly sure how it happened, (whirling around and stumbling into the partition sounds plausible…) but, I ended up connecting the top of my head with the wooden partition separating the dance floor from the walkway…I blacked out for a few seconds…the show finished up and the night staggered onwards.
  • Concussion #2: Chuggies (now The Corktown) – Hamilton, ON – around 1988-89? This was a show with JK and myself as a short-lived duo version of The Hated Uncles. Our shows were the drunkest – even more than the earliest days of the quartet version of the Uncles. Anyhow, we were around 4-5 drunken songs into our set when – for some artistic reason I’m sure – I found myself trying to balance upon 2 different chairs – and I mean trying to balance on the top of the back of the chairs – d’oh! – the balance did not last long (if at all), I found that the back of my head connected with the concrete dance floor. I remember opening my eyes and seeing JK standing on some stage…then I clued in that, yes, I was actually performing with him! The show drunkenly staggered onwards.
  • Knee Injuries: There were many mornings where my knees were pretty beat up after an Uncles show, but the worst was after we played at Zak’s (thanks to Mole for supplying the name of the bar!) on the corner of Main & Hess S (only a few doors down from where I lived at the time) around 1987-88 later? It was a decent sized bar (150 maybe), and a decent crowd showed up…the show was a good one (hahaha – I’ll write up some memories of the not-so-good variety soon enough!)…when during our funk song – where the band jammed on a funk riff – Uncle style…and I randomly scream out “James Brown!” or “Take Me to the Bridge” – I dropped hard to my knees – and the pain shot through my whole body…there was no fucking give whatsoever!! I wasn’t on the stage (of course not), I was on the dance floor, and it was fucking marble!! It took a bit of time before I could even try to stand up (I just stayed down moaning and groaning along)…the show went on – I did not go down to my knees again – or move much at all…the knees hurt like a motherfucker! Still – it didn’t stop me from ending up on the ground during our shows – ya know – communing…with the ground.

brain cells lost….damage done to mind and body after shows…alcohol, drugs…relationships…fucked up fucked out fucked over…

more to come…

Harvey Dog
October 17, 2015