The Sounds of Harvey Dog


The Sounds of Harvey Dog

So what exactly are those “sounds” Harvey Dog creates on his motherfuckers? Well, some of it is virtual…some of it is reality…and maybe some of it is fantasy…

The Real

  • Voices: Yes those are my real voices you hear. Occasionally modified in Audacity to sound…different.
  • Harmonica: A few years ago, my partner bought me a Lee Oskar Major Diatonic in C harmonica. While taking my dog Poobah on walks while living on Haida Gwaii…open, quiet, spacious…I would pull out my harmonica and just start wailing. Sometimes I would wail along to whatever was on my headphones…other times…just my dog, harmonica and me. I’ve just contnued wailing on it ever since.
  • Percussion: Sometimes you’ll hear what sounds like “live” percussion – especially on my earlier ones. You would be correct. I have collected about 5 drums from thrift shops over the years.
  • Everything Else: I’ll use scissors…cutting paper…toilet paper rolls…anything I can use that’s hanging around.

Virtual Real Fantasy

  • Button Bass: I L-U-V love using the cubes on this site! I’ll try out any cube or combination until I find that sound – mood I’m looking for.
  • Audio Sauna: I have only recently discovered this online synthesizer, and I can tell I’ll be spending quite a lot of time exploring the possibilities of sound it can produce…looks and sounds fantastic!
  • Virtual Piano: The first online site I found. I play it by using the keyboard…I peck at it until something comes out that sounds like it’ll fit the mood of what I’m doing.
  • Adams Virtual Guitar: The V-neck electric guitar sounds great…I love just hitting the 6th string open with my mouse – the ominous beauty of that sound! I’ll also use the virtual bass as well. Same idea as the virtual piano…I peck at them until something sounds right.
  • Nick’s World of Synthesizers: I’ve had a lot of fun exploring the sounds on the 2 interactive synths on the site (The Beast & The Harmonicon).
  • Virtual Musical Instruments: I use the drums on this site, and have also used the bongos and panflute as well.
  • Virtual Drumming: Great drums sounds! I only recently discovered this site, and I get the feeling it’ll become my #1 place to go for drum sounds – when lacking a real live human being drummer, of course!
  • Virtual Keyboard: A simple to use virtual keyboard with a drum track. Nice.