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William S. Burroughs Cut Up Blues

William S. Burroughs Cut Up Blues (Harvey Dog) 2:21

January, 2015
Hated Uncles live at Teasers Dec-4-1987 performing “Grateful Dead”, William Burroughs reading from “Naked Lunch”, Roddy Piper wrestling “Integrity” interview, Steppenwolf’s “Born to be Wild” somewhere in the background for a few seconds, Vocals, Sound Effects

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William S. Burroughs - drawing by Harvey Dog 2020

Monday Night Isolation

Monday Night Isolation (Harvey Dog & Hated Uncles) 1:43

August 14, 2020 & May 7th, 1988
Spoken Word, Sounds from SoundBible & Hated Uncles Live at Bannister’s – Hamilton, ON – 1988-05-07 (hd, Paul, Bill, JK)

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Monday Night Isolation - drawing by Harvey Dog 2020

Baby Said Dada

Baby Said Dada (Harvey Dog) 2:45

August 2020
Vocals, Harmonica, Helm Desktop Synthesizer.
Samples (synthesizers, percussion, acoustic guitar) from Sample Focus.
Special Guest Performer: Charlene White!

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