Category: Harvey Dog

The Seventh Seal

The Seventh Seal (Harvey Dog) 3:40

July, 2018
Vocals, Background Vocals, Noise (doorbell, ocean waves, various), Online Synthesizer at AudioSauna, Brick Dubstep & Classic Loops at (ButtonBass)

Check out the Seventh Seal page for video, lyrics & notes.

Junk Philosophy

Junk Philosophy (Harvey Dog) 3:38

September, 2018
Vocals, Background Vocals, Saxophone / Cello Bassline / Electric Guitar loops & samples (from Sample Focus)

Check out the Junk Philosophy page for video, lyrics, drawings & notes.

Groovy Day

Groovy Day (Harvey Dog) 2:17

July-August, 2018
Vocals, Background Vocals, Harmonica, Guitars from Sample Focus, Online Synthesizer (Audio Sauna)

Check out the “Groovy Day” page for video, lyrics, drawings & notes.