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      Thomas Pynchon Is Missing From His Backyard Blues - Harvey Dog

Thomas Pynchon Is Missing From His Backyard Blues (Harvey Dog) 4:15
Recorded: February & March, 2018
Vocals, Background Vocals, Reverse Vocal, Background Noise (Crowd, Psychiatric Hospital), Dubstep Cube & Jungle Mix ButtonBass)
Notes: This piece started with the line: “I’ve got the Thomas Pynchon Is Missing From His Backyard Blues…again”. I felt there was something bubbling underneath the line…waiting to get out. Patience. I had the line months ago. Where to go? What to do with it? Patience.
As the shingles pain changed status from excruciating to irritating, I was anxious to get back to the studio and expunge some creative juices. The Pynchon line came back to me, so I sat down and started typing words around the line..not quite..then I re-watched “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and read Philip K. Dick’s “Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?” and the whole piece started changing into a Sci-Fi Horror Existenalist creation. I also kept in mind Pynchon’s line: “Why should things be easy to understand?”
I enjoy doing “author” pieces (William S. Burroughs, Thomas Pynchon”), so don’t be surprised if the next one is called: “Charles Bukowski Is Down At The Bar Drinking Again Blues”…haha…
As Thomas Pynchon said: “Why should things be easy to understand?”
Check out the youtube video of Harvey Dog’s Thomas Pynchon Is Missing From His Backyard Blues.

      Weeds - Harvey Dog

Weeds (Harvey Dog) 2:09
Recorded: October 11-21, 2017
Vocals, Background Vocals, Background Noise (Weedwhacker), Birds Chirping, Dubstep Cube ButtonBass)
Notes: I was heading out for a walk with my Dad – and, yes, it was a beautiful day. As we were leaving he paused, stared at the driveway, and I could feel his anger rising. “What’s wrong?”, I hesitatingly asked. “Damn weeds. I’ll have to get out the chemicals.” He was so angry at these weeds in his driveway.
As we were on our walk – which, was a retirement village of well-off white people – I noticed all these old people spraying all kinds of shit onto their lawns and driveways to eradicate this…this…WEED problem! Some of these people were crippled up, and could barely stand, but dammit! That wasn’t going to stop them from attacking those damn weeds growing on their property!
When I finally was able to setup my recording studio (it was down 4 months due to location of self) in my new home of London, ON; I decided to loosen the old creative recording muscles with this piece. I’m now living in an apartment building – (an apartment building!) – and I get the feeling my pieces may take on an unbearable tension; since, it’s a little difficult to totally let loose in regard to screaming and yelling. I’ll follow the muse to whatever hellhole he/she takes me…anyway, check out the video for it. youtube video of Harvey Dog’s Weeds.

      I Couldn't Get High - Harvey Dog

I Couldn’t Get High (Ken Weaver) 4:38
Originally Recorded by The Fugs
Recorded: December, 2016
Vocals, Background Vocals, Samples (6 second loop from “I Couldn’t Get High” – The Fugs from “Golden Filth”), Background Noise (Video – I Like To Hurt People – featuring Lord Athol Layton, The Sheik, Dusty Rhodes & Terry Funk), Red Reggaeton Mixer & House Mixer – (Bass Loop, Drum Loop – from ButtonBass)
Notes: This was so much fun to do! It was a great break from the intense political shit…lol…I had no plans on bringing our friends back from “I’m Straight”, but they dropped by and we quickly put this creation together and they’ve gone on their way. Will they return?
I took lyrics from the studio & live versions of the song, as well as grabbing some of the crazier imagery from Ed Sanders’ introduction to the song on “Golden Filth”, for using on top of that fantastic 6 second riff I looped. The Fugs have been an influence since I first heard them back during my high school days…oh, I guess that’s a few years ago now…

      Hate Hate - Harvey Dog

Hate Hate (Harvey Dog) 2:35
Recorded: November-December, 2016
Vocals, Background Vocals, Samples (Nazi Rally, Trump Rally – from youtube), Alien Drum, Casio Keyboard (Rhythm 113 – BhangraN), Jungle Mixer – (Bass Loop, Synthesizer – from ButtonBass)
Notes: It’s sad that I feel motivated by the need to create this piece. Like many, I have been saddened, disheartened, bemused, angry, very angry at the political situation in the US, as well as around the world. The widespread growth and “confidence” of hatred is frightening…people forget that “political correctness” came about, not to impede upon the rights of an individual, but to just stop you from being an asshole to others. That’s all.
I always have faith in the individual, but the more people involved – the more wary I become. I’m looking to get back to individual stories and “imagination” pieces once again. These political pieces are exhausting…lol…

      I'm Straight - Harvey Dog

I’m Straight (Jonathan Richman) 3:43
Originally Recorded by The Modern Lovers
Recorded: September, 2016
Vocals, Background Vocal, Harmonica, Soundtrack (The War to Settle the Score – Hulk Hogan vs. Roddy Piper Feb. 1985), Mixer 1 – (techno sampler – 5 different samples – from ButtonBass), Sounds (phone sounds – from SoundBible – Royalty Free Sounds)
Notes: I love The Modern Lovers first album!…classic after classic…I had a particular fondness for “I’m Straight”, so much so, that I used it as my answering machine message during my drunken early-20’s.
I decided I needed to change the setting for my tribute. I visualized 2 guys getting together watching old wrestling videos (the match playing is War to Settle the Score: Piper-Hogan 1985) and one of them is fretting about calling a girl…with some specious arguments for why the girl should be with him.

      Take It Down Nice N Slow - Harvey Dog

Take It Down, Nice ‘n Slow (Harvey Dog) 4:21
Recorded: August-September, 2016
Vocals, Cubes (4 different ones – different permutations), Casio CTK-2400 (tones – applause, goblin-g), Sounds (ship bell, crisp ocean waves – all from SoundBible – Royalty Free Sounds)
Notes: For those of you who think my stuff is strange or weird – well, this one won’t convince you otherwise. After 2 political ones, I wanted to get away from politics and take a breath – take it down – still, I can see that politics has sneaked in here and there…that bastard!

      Alien Parables, part 1 - Harvey Dog

Alien Parables, part 1 (Harvey Dog) 2:02
Recorded: August, 2016
Vocals, Cube (put through Cathedral reverb), online synthesizers from Nick’s World of Synthesizers
Notes: …futuristic bemusement…a parable…no raging – just…futuristic bemusement. I put different effects on the voice, in an attempt to make it sound “alien”. I think I did better in making the child’s voice sound like an alien – whatever the hell an alien’s voice sounds like!?! hahaha…lots of fun doing this one!

      I'm Raging, I'm Raving, I'm Ranting - Harvey Dog

I’m Raging, I’m Raving, I’m Ranting (Harvey Dog) 4:23
Recorded: June 27th to July 22nd, 2016
Vocals, Backing Vocals, Timothy Leary, Harmonica, Casio CTK-2400 (rhythm: Caucasia), Sounds (casino, traffic, restaurant, street, shopping mall, cheering crowd, donald trump, carnival, fireworks, gunfire, yelling – all from SoundBible – Royalty Free Sounds)
Notes: This one started out as a 2:00 minute rant backed with a simple rhythm track from the Casio…then I thought: “hmmm…I think the vocals are a little too lightweight and not matching the rage of the lyrics.” Then I started changing the lyrics…then I thought: “hmmm…maybe I should add some everyday sounds, so it sounds like this guy is raging continuously from one place to the next.” Then I…you get the point. Now it’s 4:23 and over 5GB on my hard drive! I also totally agree with this man’s rants.

      16 Tons - Harvey Dog

16 Tons (Merle Travis) 3:35
Originally Recorded by Merle Travis
Recorded: April, 2016
Vocals, Cubes (2 electronica & 1 classic), Harmonica, Sounds (jackhammer, builders drilling, electric sander, city traffic)
Notes: Ever since I was a kid, I loved this song. The lyrics are brilliant, and the versions I heard most – Tennessee Ernie Ford & Johnny Cash are, of course, fantastic! Similar to “Silhouettes (Dancing On A Dark Misty Night)”, I spent a LOT of time on this one, and when I wasn’t working at my paying job, I was working – thinking – plotting on how I could best interpret this song. I wanted a mood of taut tension. There’s a lot of great “straight” versions of this song, so I wanted to Harvey Dog it…at first, it was using just sounds (all from SoundBible – Royalty Free Sounds), with me doing a basic recitation. It wasn’t until I added the cubes that I got that tension I was looking for…and with this tension added, I was able to get the mood in the vocal I wanted. I put in a short harmonica break in the middle, and then added the scream at the end leading to the fade-out.

      Silhouettes Dancing (On A Dark Misty Night) - Harvey Dog

Silhouettes Dancing (On A Dark Misty Night) (Harvey Dog) 4:33
Recorded: March, 2016
Vocals (many many tracks), Cube (Reggaeton – a few different combinations), Casio CTK-2400 Keyboard (sampling, tones include: slow strings, orchestra set, seashore, helicopter, polysynth), Harmonica (wah-wah effect), Sounds (stilettos, drunk, trigger)
Notes: This one started germinating well before xmas – in fact, I had most of the first part already set up – I liked it, but – something was gnawing at me – I wasn’t ready for it yet. I let it germinate, until about a month ago, when it finally clicked in. Now, could I capture that vision? When I haven’t been at my paying job, I’ve been obsessing on this piece for the last couple of weeks, giving it a shot.(lol)
It’s divided into 2 parts. The theme is about displacement & finding your place…etc etc…the first part is the city and uses the cubes & has a familiar HD sound to it, while the 2nd part takes off into space and the sounds are created through my Casio keyboard & harmonica. It’s definitely something a little different…27 tracks in all and I used up about 1gb on my hard drive!

      This Place Is Mad - Harvey Dog

This Place Is Mad (Harvey Dog) 2:30
Recorded: November 5th-22nd, 2015
Vocals, Cuckoo Clock, Stephen Harper, Riot Crowds + HD banging on a drum and yelling, Casio CTK-2400 Keyboard, Online Homemade Synthesizer – The Beast, Online Electric Guitar played through the keyboard, Harmonica, Evil Laughter, Sports Crowd Cheering, Reading from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”
Notes: Is this about my current (and foreseeable) place of residence, Prince Rupert? Is it about a place from my past? A fictional place? The place inside oneself? A little Alice in Wonderland, snippets of this and that, little bits and pieces thematically connected without any apparent song structure except for a 40 second part totally influenced by The Ramones (yet, not sounding like them at all!). 20 tracks in total, and 2 were mixed down from even more tracks!