Aching Molasses

Aching Molasses (Harvey Dog) 3:14

February, 2019
Vocals, Background Vocals, Guitars / Percussion loops & samples 
(from Sample Focus), Sounds from SoundBible.



(rooster crowing)
Ow!! Oh My God! /
My body
it’s becoming a fading memory /
a constant struggle
to keep on moving /
(I can’t get up!
I can’t get up!)

I have more band-aids on my body s
than Les Nessman from WKRP /
(you’re showing your age)

I used to be on the stage
hurling obscenities
rolling on the floor /
now I’m a stay inside molasses
listing insecurities /
the locks
on my door
(lock that door
lock that door)

it used to be so easy
24 beers
(hey there mr. socialite) /
now I’m inside
the weeds /
where’s the compromise?
where’s the balance?

the things i feared
are the things i love /
the things i loved
are the things i fear /
the things i needed
are the things i loathe /
the things i sought
are the things i shun /
the things i feared
are the things i fear
the things i loved
are the things i fear

* groan *
I need a metronome
to find rhythm in my life /
I already tried a wife
common law
nice try

still breathing
still learning
still living /
the wheels are still rolling
rolling /
hurling obscenities
rolling on the floor /
writing inanities
putting the bolts
back on my door /

there’s dangerous people out there…

he used to be so much more fun when he drank….

Drawings for “Stay Inside Molasses” video.


  • This piece is a continuation (follow-up?) to “Stay Inside Molasses”. A little ditty about aching, aging, changing.
  • When I decided to (finally) upload all the Hated Uncles “stuff” I had, it resulted in a bit of reflection. I have difficulty leaving my apartment for work and groceries – let alone contemplate being on any kind of stage. I’ve gone from one extreme to the other, and I’m not kidding in the song when I ask: “Where’s the compromise? Where’s the balance?” I hope to find that balance, but…it’s not easy. That’s all I’ll say about that for now.

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