Baby Said Dada

Baby Said Dada (Harvey Dog) 2:45

August 2020
Vocals, Harmonica, Helm Desktop Synthesizer.
Samples (synthesizers, percussion, acoustic guitar) from Sample Focus.
Special Guest Performer: Charlene White!



Sally Dali Lama - drawing by Harvey Dog 2020,

“Spiders will crawl all over you
when you go to sleep”

Baby said Dada
everything’s going to be fine,
peaceful gentle humanity,
no – don’t look outside

(Nothing to see here
move along move along)

Sally Dali Lama
setting up her easels,
smoking truths in Dada land,
I really dig your clothes
do you have the time time?
it’s the new world order baby,
Baby said Dada
it’s going to be alright

“Ghosts will get you!”

Time is a cruel mistress
a race to the end, death,
Baby said Dada Dada
Jesus is gonna save you,
there is no reason to grieve,
no – don’t look inside (yourself)

“Ghosts will get you!”

Wash your hands
wear your masks,
it’s the new world order baby,
Baby said Dada
it’s gonna be alright,
time is forever
(& ever)

Baby said Dada

Drawings for “Baby Said Dada” video


  • Harvey Dog’s latest explores dada and other things.
  • Special Guest Speaker: Charlene White! Brilliant! Thank you!

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