Do Something

Do Something (Harvey Dog) 2:11

June 2022
Vocals, Guitars from SampleFocus.



Casting Spells - drawing by Harvey Dog 2022

The weather’s been good
Mrs. Thibeault whispered
to the vibrating witch
casting spells on a prone body
lying on the operating table

“I’m still awake doctor!”
“That’s ok, I’m not”, the doctor replied,
I danced to a cloud &
looked down from above,
“Mrs. Thibeault put on some clothes!”
I looked away in the opposite direction
hung up the phone
& waved goodbye
bye Mrs. Thibeault bye bye

Are you still here?

It’s not that I want to linger
but I have nowhere to go
& – oh there’s a snake crawling up your leg,
so I removed the stranger from my eyes
& I rose from the operating table
& I took out the nails
& I took off my crown of thorns,
& the doctor asked me
where I was going
where I had been
I said I don’t have the answer to either question
cause you know
I have to go

I’m a little bit low
I have no dough
you know, I gotta
do something

I gotta go (6X)
and do something
What what what what…?

You’re right Mrs. Thibeault,
we all gotta do something.

Drawings for the “Do Something” video


  • A piece about the need to “do something”.
  • Grammarly’s Tone Detector. Friendly (****) Informal (***) Confident (**). Friendly?! That’s unusual for a Harvey Dog video.

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