Monday Night Isolation

Harvey Dog – New Reading – 2020-Aug-14

August 2020 & May 7th, 1988
Spoken Word, Sounds from SoundBible & Hated Uncles Live at Bannister’s – Hamilton, ON – 1988-05-07 (hd, Paul, Bill, JK)

Live, 1988-May-07 – Bannister’s – Hamilton, ON

John Harvey, Paul Settle, Bill Day, John Kinsella


Monday Night Isolation - drawing by Harvey Dog 2020

It’s a Monday night
and there’s nothing to do,
alone in my apartment,
I can’t think of any woman
to keep me company,
no job to worry about
no job to bitch about
no job to drive me crazy,
watching the frost formations
on my window
and I’m out of beer,
the radio blaring rock’n’roll
but it’s not enough,
only noise to keep me from listening
to the traffic passing by my window,
and I wonder what others
are doing tonight,
death comes to mind,
people working the night shift
while I pick my nails
until there’s nothing left to pick,
I re-check the fridge,
it’s still empty,
I pick up a book
but my attention wanders
to the noise of ghosts
inhabiting my isolation,
I put down the book
and I know it’s time
to go to a
lonely bar
and keep a lonely
bartender company.


  • This piece was performed at the last ever show of the original 4-piece Uncles (hd, Paul, Bill, JK), which was captured on cassette by David Little (The Mimes). Thank you David!
  • Our drummer left us the week before this show, so we decided to do all new material with background noises edited by JK into the mix. We were nuts…?. It was an intense week!
  • The sound is VERY rough, but to me, it sounds like one of our best and most adventurous shows. This could have been the start of a new direction, but alas…this was the end of our 1st “run”.

Written: 1986

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