The Seventh Seal

The Seventh Seal (Harvey Dog) 3:40

July, 2018
Vocals, Background Vocals, Noise (doorbell, ocean waves, various), Online Synthesizer at AudioSauna, Brick Dubstep & Classic Loops at (ButtonBass)



There’s a dead body outside your door
* ringing *
Oh God

Somebody’s ringing the bell (2X)

* ringing *
don’t let him in don’t let him in please don’t let him in!
* ringing *

He’s got nothing to sell nothing to sell
he’s got nothing to sell

Wait! Hold on!
One more shot!
One more game!
half an hour
half an hour
it is written
the silence of heaven
reprieve reprieve reprieve

haha, ok, black for you
“It becomes me well”

W: pawn to f3
B: pawn to e5
W: pawn to g4
B: queen to h4

“accept your fate,


I stole some paper from a blind man
who looked the other way
(I felt so bad) please

I’ve been puking in the sewer
since the break of day
(7:00am I feel so bad, so bad)

I lost my sanity to a beggar
he cursed like a philosopher
(I love a good story)

I talked to a smiling blackbird
he was a slave to the master
(there are no masters!)

I saw endangered species
they were howling in pain
(fucking trophy hunters
fuck off fuck off)

I played poker with a penguin
he was a little insane
(goo go g’joob goo goo g’joob)

A flash of lightning killed my grandma
she was clutching her rosaries
(it didn’t work, she still died)

I saw an empty ambulance
it was speeding away
from all emergencies,

I saw, I stole, I lost, I walked, I died (3X)

The dance of death
is calling me (2X)
accept our fate

The dance of death
is calling me

Drawings for “The Seventh Seal” video


This piece was inspired after viewing Ingmar Bergman’s classic “The Seventh Seal” (1958) & digitizing an old poem of mine called: “Confessions of a Man on His Deathbed”, written when I was around 20. It’s about the inevitability of death – no matter how hard we resist.

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