Soma Induced Hallucinations

Soma Induced Hallucinations (Harvey Dog) 1:15

July 2015


Soma Induced Hallucinations- drawing by Harvey Dog 2021

Purple Disneyland characters
dance maniacally
on top of battered heads
tired and sleepy
while children
marvel at the new technology

Laughter rattles down the hallway
startling innocent passersby
causing micro hallucinations

World blown up
into a tin cup
sipped and kissed
by cut lips
into the microcosm
tossed aside
like snot flying
from a blown nose
cocaine dandruff
brushed into
and full in it’s

Lefty said I’m no Righty
Righty said fuck off Lefty
I’m a-calling the cops
maybe that’ll make you stop,
wings melted from the heat of the sun
brains splattered onto concrete for fun,
it’s an empty kind of world
filled with a hollow emptiness,
I hear you crying it does no good
so put away your tears
embrace your fears
there is no forgiveness
for the sins you begat
like a biblical illusion
full of holes and transitory reality

Bodies on the highway
mystical mythical corpses
burning and stenching
no one knows
from whence they came
as we dance the biblical illusion

“There is no god,” shouted the devil
“But, if there’s no god
then that means

* poof *


  • beyond good and evil?.

Written & Recorded: July 2015

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