Walls (poetry reading)

Walls (Harvey Dog) 1:10

January 2021
Spoken Word


Walls - drawing by Harvey Dog 2021

a prisoner
behind bars,
a hostage,

…in my home

there is no jailer,
there is no guard,
there is no lock
upon my door,
I am free to leave

…I am not free…

an unmoveable
feast of fear
chains my soul
to these walls,
I scream…
no one hears

I built this castle,
I dug the moat,
there is no drawbridge
no boat

the walls I live within
my comforting enemy

I scream
…I scream


  • Grammarly’s Tone Detector rated this as sad (*****) & disapproving (***). Yes…this is correct!
  • A poem about withdrawing from society and the social scene, barricading oneself inside a castle with no means of escape…from the mind.

April 6th, 2020
Reading: January 2021

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