The Words I Speak

The Words I Speak (Harvey Dog) 1:08

October 2020
Vocals, Samples (percussion, electric guitar) from Sample Focus.



Disgusted Girl - drawing by Harvey Dog 2020

a tepid reaction
to the words I speak,
an awkward silence
distant stares

(or worse)
I formulate
new words
to retrieve
lost dignity

it’s not like
I’ll lose any sleep
over it,
but, you know,
what if I
write about it
and then I read it
and I feel
a touch guilty
about it
and it ruins
my chi,
my utopian life,
my meditation,
my yang,
my fucking positivity?

I’m getting too old
for this,
I really need to
smarten up

do I say stupid things??

Drawings for “Words I Speak” video


  • You ever say something you shouldn’t? And trying to make amends only makes it worse. Yeh, me neither! ?
  • This was originally a short poem (up to “lost dignity” & the last couple of lines), then I started a poetry reading of it and the middle part popped out and it needed music…and drawings…and a video.

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