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The front & back covers, & inside sleeves from “Music From the Armpit of Canada” LP released in 1986 by Problem Children Wrekords. “Name on a Gravestone” by The Hated Uncles was the last song on side 1.

I had to put this up here. It’s too funny. This is from a Forgotten Rebels gig list page on the net. We’re listed twice. The first gig went great. The second was the gig from hell. Yes, we were kicked off after 3 songs. Yes, we almost broke up…I will write about this. 1986

Hated Uncles on Forgotten Rebels Gigs on the Internet

The Hated Uncles’ “Name on a Gravestone” on the CFMU singles chart from Nov/86 to Jan/87.

The Silhouette – Letters to the Editor – CFMU controversy – Nov/86 to Jan/87

Poster done by John Kinsella for The Hated Uncles show at Teaser’s in Hamilton, ON on October 8th, 1987.

Poster for Teaser's 1987-Oct-8th show

The Hated Uncles are reviewed in The Hamilton Journal – Jan 27, 1988 – Thrashing out the ’60s, From The Armpit Of Canada

Article: Thrashing out the '60s, From The Armpit Of Canada

Poster done by Bill Day for The Hated Uncles show at Bannisters in Hamilton, ON on May 7th, 1988. This turned out to be Bill’s last show.

Poster for 1998-May-07 show at Bannister's

The booklet for The Hated Uncles “Variety Show” 1989. The incredible art is done by John Kinsella. JK nailed the words. I am very proud of this booklet.

Article about The Hated Uncles – June 15, 1989 – Hamilton Spectator – “The Hated Uncles: ‘Very evil and very godlike'” – Article by Nick Krewen.

???? We were an influence on…anyone, The Stellar Void Band ???? – June 13, 1990 – Spotlight Magazine – Voice of the Hammer – Article by B. F. (The Mole) Mowat

Influence - Voice Of The Hammer1990

A contract? No idea about this, but here it is. A contract signed for a Sinister Dude Ranch / Hated Uncles show at Bannister’s for July 31, 1990.

Contract - Hated Uncles - Bannisters July 1990

Hated Uncles part of an article – January 1991– Spotlight Magazine – Voice of the Hammer – Year in Review – Article by B. F. (The Mole) Mowat

Article - Jan 1991 - Voice of the Hammer - Article by B. F. (The Mole) Mowat

Article about The Hated Uncles – April 11, 1991 – Spotlight Magazine – Article by Bruce “Mole” Mowat.

Snippet from The Hamilton Spectator 1993-Feb-04 about Bad Etiquette. Includes a snippet about John Battaglia’s band “Panic Zebra”. Article by Bruce “Mole” Mowat.

“Wrasslin’ With Wryhme” – from Lit: The Literary Calendar – Article & Interview with Harvey Dog – December, 1997 – Article by Bruce “Son of Lord Athol Layton” Mowat.

Article: Harvey Dog - 1997-Dec - Wrasslin' With Wryhme

Blurb: Hated Uncles – July 22, 1998 – Hamilton Spectator – By Bruce “Mole” Mowat.

Blurb: Hated Uncles - 1998-July-22 - Hamilton Spectator

I’ll be damned! For years I thought The Uncles broke up in 1998; but, as proven by this article our actual breakup date was February 23rd, 1999! This great article on Paul was part of the promotion for our last show (though we didn’t know that at the time) – Hamilton Spectator – Article by Bruce Mowat. (I know it sucks that the article needs 4 images to read – I have a small scanner)

Simply Saucer: Heavy Metalloid Music by Jesse Locke 2016. The Hated Uncles are mentioned twice in the book. Of course, I highly recommend this book to read about a vital part of Hamilton’s music history – Edgar Breau & Simply Saucer. The Uncles opened for Edgar & His Shadows of Ecstasy (his band at the time) a few times. They were fantastic!

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