In the Back Seat of My Car

Live, 1998-July – Gown’n’Gavel – Hamilton, ON

John Harvey, Paul Settle, John Battaglia, Dave Turcotte


In the Back Seat of My Car - drawing by Harvey Dog 2020

I’ve got interior design all around
I got the liquor I got the drugs
it’s all nice and clean and scented
you can roll around and dance

You’ll just love it in my car
in the back seat of my car
You’ll just love it in my car

The top is down and the heater is on
forget your past & I’ll steer your future
practice the craft shed society’s illusions
I’m a magician baby here’s my next trick


I’ll promise anything you really don’t need
I learned this talk from politicians
now we’re all part of the same society
I’m the prime minister baby vote me in



  • I think the best versions we did of this song were in John’s basement.
  • Oh well…I always liked this song. I notice that in a few of our “rock” songs I have a bit of an ominous persona. It is a persona, right? Of course…haha.

Written: 1997

Beyond Bootleg – Rehearsal 1997-02

John Harvey, Paul Settle, John Battaglia, Rich Elliott

  • Ever heard The Velvet Underground bootleg: “The Legendary Guitar Amp Tapes”? This is similar in that the electricity from the guitar is the dominant sound of the recording. Terrible sound…but, I sort of like it. John’s rocking!
  • This was done in John’s basement in Oakville. Rich is on drums for this rehearsal. Hi Rich!

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