Name on a Gravestone

Studio, 1986 – Somewhere near Stoney Creek, ON

Name on a Gravestone (Hated Uncles) 4:58

John Harvey (vocals) Paul Settle (trumpet) Bill Day (guitar) John Kinsella (bass) Chris Fozard (drums)


Old Harvey Dog drawing

It sure is a bleak future
but there’s still one thing sure,
Name on a Gravestone (2x)

Don’t let it get you down,
Six feet under the ground,
Name on a Gravestone (2x)

I’ve made my reservation,
I found my plot,
Bury me where no birds sing
and the place sure is hot.

Name on a Gravestone. (2X)

repeat 1st verse

Name On A Gravestone makes the CFMU charts!

Letters to the Editor – Not everyone’s happy!


The first song The Hated Uncles ever wrote together entered the CFMU singles charts and reached a high of #5. We were on the charts 5 times (a bi-weekly chart) going from 6-5-7-8-10. (I’m missing the 4th). It was played on the CBC. It was on the “Music from the Armpit of Canada” compilation, which you can still buy used from Goodwill Records for 33EUR. [aside: Hey! Where’s my royalty cheque honey?!].

The song was the finale of our early shows. Our 6th member Paul Ropel-Morski (Paul would paint onstage while we played – it was great!) would make Paper Mache skulls that I would then use to imitate Hamlet imitating David Bowie, proceed to make out with said skull and then destroy it for the conclusion. One time I whipped it against a wall and just missed hitting Paul in the head. Sorry Paul!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any live audio of the song. We played it at the Dec. 4th Teaser’s show, but the tape ran out before the end of the show. As far as I know, there’s no video of the 1st incarnation of the band playing live.

In regards to success, it was all downhill from here…haha.

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