I Touch the Loneliness (Bad Etiquette)

“Bad Etiquette” cassette, 1992 – Hamilton, ON

John Harvey, John Battaglia


I Touch the Loneliness - drawing by Harvey Dog 2020

I touch the loneliness
     with my fingertips,
talk is talk and alone
     with my thoughts,
I dream of happiness
     so close yet so far away,
and the damage, yes, the
     damage is done
as I sit in the corner
     praying for a smoke,
a nicotine surprise
     a surprise I call my own
before I die like a
     lamb in the field
surrounded by weasels
     with teeth sharpened
     and honed.

Bad Etiquette cassette cover


  • John played all the instruments on this groovy little number about loneliness.
  • I really enjoyed doing the Bad Etiquette project with John & it’s something I’m very proud of.

Written: August 1992

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