Internet Song

Live, 1998-July – Gown’n’Gavel – Hamilton, ON

John Harvey, Paul Settle, John Battaglia, Dave Turcotte


Internet - drawing by Harvey Dog 2020

He sits inside his dim-lit room
protected from outside distractions,
he remembers his days of youth
sunshine and playing at the park,
now he spends his time surfing and
roaming through a computer highway
where emotion is non-existent.

Now, he never goes outside
except to buy diskettes,
he sees his world
through the internet

It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon
the birds are singing
people are laughing,
kids are playing on swings and slides
youthful joy permeates the air,
all seems in accord with nature
but he’s sitting on his folding chair
where he knows he’s safe and sound


No contact with the outside world
except through is Pentium 166,
all he needs to know he can browse
with the knowledge of no human contact,
the purity of sex sites
the protection of a pseudonym
the whole world on his monitor
hey, it’s better than reading a book



  • I came across this one while digitizing my poetry/lyrics – still on the fucking I’s!
  • I thought it was mildly interesting looking back and seeing a take on the internet from 23 years ago. Pentium 166! Diskettes! What are those things?

Written: 1997

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