The New Gods

Live, 1998-July – Gown’n’Gavel – Hamilton, ON

John Harvey, Paul Settle, John Battaglia, Dave Turcotte


The New Gods - drawing by Harvey Dog 2020

I could take you away
from the prison
of your life,
the walls
that restrain you,
break off those chains
that hold you down,
we can forge
a new wildlife.

I could take you away
and make love to you
in the elysian fields,
on a raft upon the Pacific ocean,
on the mountainside
beneath Dracula’s castle,
we can become
the new animals.

I could take you away
and we could explore
every inch of the universe,
float through our lives
without burden or responsibility,
we could create our own morality,
we can become
the new gods.


  • A song from the last run of The Hated Uncles.
  • I always liked this one! …ominous guitar…

Written: 1997

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