Nothing Matters She Said

Live, 1989-Dec – Rathskellar – McMaster University – Hamilton, ON

John Harvey, Paul Settle, John Battaglia, John Kinsella

Live, 1990-Aug-15 – Corktown – Hamilton, ON

John Harvey, Paul Settle, John Battaglia, John Kinsella, Dave Turcotte


Nothing Matters She Said - drawing by Harvey Dog 2020

I walked down
the hollow hallways
as the empty vibrations
of decadence
rang in my ears,
I stopped in front of room 238
and was about to knock
when I heard her voice
through the cardboard door.

Nothing matters, she said,
life is empty and meaningless
it’s only sex, not love
it means nothing to me.

I mused and stood there eavesdropping.

Nothing matters, she repeated,
I feel nothing
when you stick that thing
inside of me,
I might as well be reading a book
you men take it far too seriously.

I heard movement inside
and a deep baritone voice say,
“Here’s the 50 bucks,
see you next week.”

It doesn’t matter, she said.
The door opened
and a smaller caricature
of myself emerged.

I stood there embarrassed
and he sensed my nervousness,
then he smiled
showing me the gaps where his
teeth once were.

“You’re lucky,” he told me,
“she’s in a good mood tonight.”


  • A regular song during the early days of The Hated Uncles Mk. II (or III or IV).
  • The lyrics focus on someone else besides myself. The character is an amalgamation of imagination and some girls I knew – but, no one in particular. haha.

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