Sycamore Tree

Studio, 1991- Crystal Turtle Studio – Hamilton, ON

John Harvey, Paul Settle, John Battaglia, John Kinsella, Dave Turcotte

Live, 1992-Mar-28 – 1150 Club – Toronto, ON

John Harvey, Paul Settle, John Battaglia, John Kinsella, Dave Turcotte


Sycamore Tree (moment) - Hated Uncles

Hit in the face like a woman in pain,
I fall to the floor and stare into space,
I’m looking for a diplomat to set me straight,
and you tell me,
get it right
start your life,
before you get too old
and you’ve thrown it away
and you’re old and grey,
like a used condom.

I had a dream last night,
that life was an adventure that never stopped,
I’m being chased by bullets that never miss,
Femme Fatales in skimpy underwear,
and you say,
quit your dreaming
wake up to the real world,
before you lose control
and you end up alone,
like a bum in the park.

I knew there was an answer,
so I went to a mountain
I heard about from a diplomat, and he said,
“Find a fat old bald fella and he’ll set you straight,”
so I started to climb that mountain,
I’m hanging on for dear life,
when I fell into oblivion
with no end in sight
I lost my breath
and almost died,
like a mannequin.

I walked around blind to reality,
I’m staring into the face of non-existence,
I saw a sad old soul under a sycamore tree,
and I asked him, “Why are you so sad?”
and he said, “Because I feel nothing.”
I said “If you feel nothing
how can you be sad?”
and he replied,
“If you really felt nothing,
would you really be happy?”
like a brainless twerp.

Images from 1150 Club during “Sycamore Tree”


  • A song that we recorded in the studio. I’m not sure if it was one of the songs included on the unreleased “Kill Morrissey” ep…it was a long time ago.
  • I always enjoyed doing this song live. It has a nice groove to it and gives me lots of space to ramble on about…things. Haha…in the video it took us a few seconds to find the groove, but once we did we kept it tight.

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