Youth Has Flown

Live, 1987-Dec-10 – Teasers – Hamilton, ON

Youth Has Flown (Live 1987-12-10) 4:31

John Harvey (vocals) Paul Settle (trumpet) Bill Day (guitar) John Kinsella (bass, vocals) Bruce Black (drums)


Youth Has Flown - drawing by Harvey Dog 2021

I was walking in the cold
saw some kids playing in the snow,
they seemed so alive
so I stopped to watch,
everyone was having fun,
you know, I felt so old.

C –
Responsibility is calling me
Respectability is calling me
Maturity has a hold on me
I’m no longer free,
I’m no longer free…

“Get a degree and you’ll be free,
you know that education is the key,”
those days of youth have passed me by,
like a wounded bird shot from the sky
I’m lying naked in the street
looking for a meal, looking for sex.


Dreams of the mushroom cloud haunt my sleep
but I’m too fucking old to sit and weep,
I sit and drink and think about my sanity,
how the freedom bell has no identity,
my childhood dreams have been replaced
with the technology of the nuclear race.



  • From Hated Uncles Mark I (1985-1988). One of my favourites from this period. Thanks to Dave Little for recording this show and others!
  • I wrote the lyric at the ancient age of 24. ?

Written: 1987

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