The Works

Hated Uncles: The Works

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1986: The First Recordings

At Peace 3:21
Anger 5:05
Name On A Gravestone 5:08

1987-12-04: Live at Teaser’s – Hamilton, ON

I Kissed Society (2:19)
At Peace (3:03)
Vacuum Cleaner (2:59)
I Don’t Wanna Die On Heroin (2:54)
A Song of Heartache (3:29)
Rock ’n’ Roll Song (Foolish Heart) (3:01)
Journey to the East (4:43)
Grateful Dead (4:53)
Carnival Song (3:36)
Lost in the Jungle (4:17)
Alone in the City (4:11)

1987-12-10: Live at Teaser’s – Hamilton, ON (CFMU Benfit)

Full Show: (25:51) The whole show includes an intro by David Little, a short pre-set interview with the band at the bar, Jamie’s intro and a bit of between songs dialogue from Harvey Dog.
Anger (2:19)
Youth Has Flown (3:03)
Carnival Song (2:59)
I Don’t Wanna Die On Heroin (2:54)
Grateful Dead (3:29)
Vacuum Cleaner (3:01)

1988-05-07: Live at Bannisters – Hamilton, ON

Full Show (15:15)

1989: Variety Show

The Left-Handed Approach (4:08)
A Forlorn Dream (0:54)
Go Van Gogh (2:41)
The Classifieds (2:19)
Madness Comes and Goes (2:01)
Castle Walls (1:02)
That Damn Empty Feeling (3:59)
It’s A Wonderful Life (2:50)
The Ostrich Knows 1:57(
A Man A Penguin and Two Dancing Bums (4:55)
A Walk in the Park 1:26
How Are You Doing? (1:37)
I Write Cheques (1:37)
I Talk To My Muse (2:56)