Time We Left For Outer Space (Harvey Dog, Dave Brock, Sun Ra)

Time We Left For Outer Space (Harvey Dog, Dave Brock, Sun Ra) 3:42

May, 2018
Vocals, Background Vocals, Samples (a 9 second loop from Hawkwind’s “Time Left This World Today” (Dave Brock) from 2:14-3:04 & a 4 second loop from Sun Ra’s “Space Is The Place” (Sun Ra) from 3:18-3:40), Background Noise (Warning Siren, Police Chase, Asian Air Raid, Gunfire, Buzzard, Soldiers Marching), Online Synthesizers, Dubstep Cube (ButtonBass)

Check out the “Time We Left For Outer Space” page for video, lyrics & notes.

Lola (Ray Davies)

Lola (Ray Davies) 5:02

June 2018
Vocals (Harv, Other Guy), Background (The Funks vs. The Sheik & Abdullah The Butcher in Japan 1977), Trap (ButtonBass)

Check out the Lola page for audio, Harvey Dog video, A Kinks live video, reworked lyrics, drawings & notes.

Harvey Dog cover version featuring Harv & The Other Guy 2018

I Couldn’t Get High (Ken Weaver)

I Couldn’t Get High (Ken Weaver) 4:38

December 2016
Vocals, Background Vocals, Samples (6 second loop from “I Couldn’t Get High” – The Fugs from “Golden Filth”), Background Noise (Video – I Like To Hurt People – featuring Lord Athol Layton, The Sheik, Dusty Rhodes & Terry Funk), Red Reggaeton Mixer & House Mixer, Bass Loop & Drum Loop from ButtonBass

Check out the I Couldn’t Get High page for audio, 2 Fugs videos, lyrics, working copy (lyrics) & notes.

The Fugs – Live version from “Golden Filth” A classic!

I’m Straight (Jonathan Richman)

I’m Straight (Jonathan Richman) 3:43

September 2016
Vocals, Harmonica, Sample (The War to Settle the Score – Hulk Hogan vs. Roddy Piper 1985), Mixer 1 – (techno sampler – 5 different samples from ButtonBass), Sounds (from SoundBible)

Check out the I’m Straight page for audio, lyrics, Modern Lovers video, drawing & notes.

Original version: Modern Lovers 1971

For You – Hated Uncles

For You (Live 1992) 3:31
John Harvey (vocals) Paul Settle (trumpet) John Battaglia (guitar) John Kinsella (bass) Dave Turcotte (drums)

Check out the For You – Hated Uncles page for 2 live performances (1 on video), lyrics & notes.

Hated Uncles Live at 1150 Club 1992-03-28 – Toronto, ON