Posters 1985 & 1989 – Hated Uncles Shows

Poster – 1985-04-15: Dik Van Dykes / Dorothy & the Sisters of Soul / Hated Uncles

A poster for when we opened for The Dik Van Dykes. It was both our first gigs! I loved playing on shows with the Dik Van Dykes… a great band, great people! We did 3 songs: (At Peace, Anger & Name on a Gravestone). Paul Ropel-Morski painted while we played (& sold the painting!). The line-up was Paul Settle (trumpet & guitar) Bill Day (guitar) John Kinsella (bass) & Harvey Dog. Cheers to the person who created the poster (very cool!). If anyone knows, please let me know – I’d like to give proper credit.

Poster – 1989-04-14: The Stendahls / Hated Uncles

I recall this show quite well. JK & I played in the middle of Wentworth House (next door to The Phoenix) with the crowd surrounding us. We did a few shows at Wentworth House – they were fun!

Poster for 1985-04-15 Dik Van Dykes / Dorothy & the Sisters of Soul / Hated Uncles
Poster for 1989-04-14 Stendahls / Hated Uncles show

Back to the Land

Back to the Land (Harvey Dog) 5:02

May, 2015
Vocals, Harmonica, Cubes (Reggaeton, EDM, Electro), Online Synthesizer, Carnival Sounds

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Back to the Land - drawing by Harvey Dog 2021


Clownface (Harvey Dog) 1:40

January 2021
Vocals, Helm Synthesizer

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