I Couldn’t Get High (Ken Weaver)

I Couldn’t Get High (Ken Weaver) 4:38

December 2016
Vocals, Background Vocals, Samples (6 second loop from “I Couldn’t Get High” – The Fugs from “Golden Filth”), Background Noise (Video – I Like To Hurt People – featuring Lord Athol Layton, The Sheik, Dusty Rhodes & Terry Funk), Red Reggaeton Mixer & House Mixer, Bass Loop & Drum Loop from ButtonBass

Video – The Fugs from “Golden Filth” Live 1968

Video – The Fugs – Swedish TV 1968


“adjusted” by Harvey Dog
Starring: Harv & Friend

Working Sheet for I Couldn't Get High

Scene 1
(I Like To Hurt People featuring The Sheik, Terry Funk, Dusty Rhodes, Lord Athol Layton is on the tv in the background throughout the song )
Friend: Oh, this should be pretty good. I haven’t seen the Original Sheik in years. Good to have you back Harv. Harv?
Harv: Went to a party the other night / Hoping I’d meet some banana freaks / Went downtown and bought me some wine
Friend: Ah, ok Harv. Well, how was the party?
Harv: Yeh, I’m sorry, I know. I went to this party the other night. I wanted to feel my mind was light. So I grabbed a bottle and I started drinking wine
Friend: and rye and gin and vodka
Harv: That’s funny. So anyway, I thought pretty soon, I’d be feeling fine….but I couldn’t get high!
Friend: No?
Harv: I don’t know why I just couldn’t get high
Friend: You sure about that Harv? Hahaha. Oh oh. Looks The Sheik is out of control. Harv. Hey Harv?

Scene 2

Harv: Whipped out my pipe and stuffed it full of grass / Went to the fridge for a piranha fish / Then I smoked a pterodactyl egg
Friend: Ok, Harv. Sounds like you had quite the party.
Harv: Oh, it was quite the party alright. Anyway, so I took a match and I lit it real fast.
Friend: What did you light there real fast there Harv?
Harv: I lit the pipe. I lit the pipe real fast. I huffed and I puffed and I smoked and I toked.
Friend: I thought you were straight there Harv?
Harv: Well, you know, after a while my heart was nearly broke.
Friend: OK
Harv: I couldn’t get high anyway.
Friend: No
Harv: I don’t know why I couldn’t get high. I don’t know why. Shit.
Friend: Sounds like you’re obsessed about this party you went to there Harv. Anything else happen?

Scene 3

Harv: Gobbld up a mound of STP / I was waiting for my body to seize / so I got me a cube of LSD
Friend: So, now you’re taking STP and LSD now, are we Harv? Hmm…ok. What happened next?
Harv: I sat down to wait for it to hit me
Friend: Yeh
Harv: I was pretty mad. I waited 30 minutes, I was waiting 30 minutes and nothing happened, so I meditated. I thought, ok, Harv. Take it easy, calm down, meditated. I could not get stoned. I could not get stoned.
Friend: OK. So, well, what did you do?
Harv: I had to give it up and head for home becasue I could not get stoned. I don’t know why.
Friend: That’s the whole story there Harv? You couldn’t get high at this party and then you went home. ok..that’s good

Scene 4

Harv: We couldn’t get high, we couldn’t get stoned / Had to give it up and head for home / We couldn’t get high, we couldn’t get stoned / Never did meet a banana freak / I couldn’t get highhhhh!!!!
shit…oh goddamn..I don’t know why…
Friend: Hahaha…now I understand Harv. It all makes sense now.
Terry Funk: He’s an idiot and a goof like this.

Written by Ken Weaver
Originally recorded by The Fugs


  • I have adored this song since my Virgin Fug ears (16?) were first alerted to this catchy beyond catchy rock song about drugs from the extremely influential on Harvey Dog Fugs.
  • I feel I only got about 2 1/2 of the 4 “singing” verses to the best of my ability. I wish I spent more time on the 1st one, and 1 or 2 other lines could have been smoother. Oops?
  • This was a LOT of fun to create!
  • Fugs Forever! RIP Tuli.

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