Thomas Pynchon Is Missing From His Backyard Blues

Thomas Pynchon Is Missing From His Backyard Blues (Harvey Dog) 4:15

March, 2018
Vocals, Background Vocals, Reverse Vocal, Background Noise (Crowd, Psychiatric Hospital), Dubstep Cube & Jungle Mix (ButtonBass)



Now look here
he should know
he really should know,
after all he plays a writer
on television

His readers
deny history,
their reality is a mystery,
his vision
their anatomy…

Expending energy
for the opportunity
to re-write history (2x)

Thomas Pynchon is missing
from his backyard…(3x)

(all governments rewrite history
all governments control reality
governments control everything…)

Gravity was bound to fail,
alternate rainbows
in black & white,
accept your fate
give up the fight

You’ve sedated Ken Kesey
to the point of extinction,
save him save him save him
for god’s sake…save him…

I’ve got to kill him
to save him.. (2x)
no distinction…

One flew over the cuckoo’s net
the cuckoo’s net
the cuckoo’s net
one flew over the cuckoo’s net
all night long…(2x)

It’s the final day
of the human experiment,
entropy entropy entropy
it’s disorder day

Delete delete delete
your sperminators,
no need to do the deed
no need to do the deed

Thomas Pynchon is missing
from his backyard…(3x)

Remain calm,
it appears that you have
the Thomas Pynchon
is missing
from his backyard blues

Take your pills
take your pills,
you always take your pills,
close your eyes
you don’t understand

You don’t understand
you don’t understand,
not even Thomas Pynchon


  • Created from a mixture of re-watching “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, reading Philip K. Dick’s “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” and Thomas Pynchon’s line: “Why should things be easy to understand?”
  • I felt this one was a jump in quality from my previous video endeavors – of course, you may say when one starts at the bottom…
  • Harvey Dog’s most watched video on youtube.
  • My next piece “Time We Left For Outer Space” continues the story.

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