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The Hated Uncles were from Hamilton, Ontario. The band existed from 1985 to 1999 in various permutations and formats with various breakups here and there.

1985 – The creation of The Hated Uncles. John Harvey (vocals) & Paul Settle (trumpet, guitar) followed soon by Bill Day (guitar) & an old friend, John Kinsella (bass).

1986 – Entered the studio & recorded 3 songs. “Name on a Gravestone” ended up on the collection: “Music From the Armpit of Canada”.

1987-1988 – The band is joined by Bruce Black on drums for live shows. The end of the first incarnation of The Hated Uncles comes to a conclusion on May 7, 1988.

1989-1990 – John Harvey & John Kinsella revive The Hated Uncles with a cassette-only release called “Variety Show” and some (very drunk) duo shows until they were rejoined by Paul Settle and a new recruit, but old friend John Battaglia (guitar).

Hated Uncles at Bannister's

1990-1992 – The Hated Uncles are completed by the arrival of Dave Turcotte (drums). 10 songs are recorded at Crystal Turtle Studios for the ill-fated “Kill Morrissey” EP. Lots of shows and activity, but by early 1992 the end of the 1st run of The Hated Uncles is coming to an end.

1996-1999 – The Hated Uncles are revived with John Harvey, Paul Settle, John Battaglia & Dave Turcotte. Lots of new songs and gigs (check out the 1998 gig from The Gown for a sampling of the new songs), but by the beginning of 1999, life was taking the members of the band to new directions and The Hated Uncles broke up for the last time.

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