Studio, 1986 – Somewhere near Stoney Creek, ON

Anger (Hated Uncles) 5:05

John Harvey (vocals) Paul Settle (trumpet) Bill Day (guitar) John Kinsella (bass) Chris Fozard (drums)

Live, 1987-Dec-10 (Soundcheck) – Teasers – Hamilton, ON

Anger (Hated Uncles) 2:39

John Harvey (vocals) Paul Settle (trumpet) Bill Day (guitar) John Kinsella (bass) Bruce Black (drums)


Angry Man. Drawing by Harvey Dog.

I shiver with rage at the lack of sensitivity
when I walk around your smelly downtown,
There was this asshole
who pushed me aside, he thought he was tough,
I’m not taking it – I’ve had enough!

Don’t push me round (3X)
Don’t put me down (3X)
Anger (3X)

Sex in the city, isolation’s free
if you want to live miserably,
why don’t you talk to me,
I’ll remind you of your history,
we can’t keep making the same mistakes
if we wanna die, naturally!

We gotta fight (3X)
We gotta right (3X)
Anger (3X)

This anger cannot be constrained
This anger cannot be restrained,
it’s time to spit it out
and let everybody know,
that it’s too late to be sedate
we’ve got to let the anger flow!

We gotta fight (3X)
Don’t push me round (3X)
Anger (3X)

I hate working the night shift
under the stars so bright,
I’d rather be free of employment
making the manager’s rich
while I struggle to pay me rent
all they do is bitch!!

Don’t push me round (3X)
Don’t push us round (3X)
Anger….(fade ranting)


  • One of the first 3 Hated Uncles songs. I believe it was the 3rd one after At Peace & Name on a Gravestone.
  • I vaguely recall writing this while working the night shift at the reactor.
  • I like the energy of the live version. It may have been a soundcheck, but we put everything into it. We never coasted! We were the openers for a benefit show & there were already more people there than at most of our gigs.

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