At Peace

Studio, 1986 – Somewhere near Stoney Creek, ON

At Peace (Hated Uncles) 3:21

John Harvey (vocals) Paul Settle (trumpet) Bill Day (guitar) John Kinsella (bass) Chris Fozard (drums)

Live, 1987-Dec-04 – Teasers – Hamilton, ON

At Peace (Hated Uncles) 2:59

John Harvey (vocals) Paul Settle (trumpet) Bill Day (guitar) John Kinsella (bass) Bruce Black (drums)


The wind blows through the trees,
I zip up my coat to keep out the breeze,
kicking stones, looking at the ground,
ignoring the traffic bellowing in the street,
I’m at peace, I don’t hear a sound,
except for the wind, blowing through the trees.
Caressing the peace, I recently found,
not bothering to cover up, the peace bulging in my pants.
I don’t care what others think today,
today’s my day, with the breeze blowing through the trees,
me, the wind, the trees, walking together through the streets.

Now I’m living in an igloo, I can’t find the thermostat,
everywhere, everyone’s so cold,
I’m shaking like a leaf, with the cold breeze,
infesting my intestines.

I can’t get a grip on myself
I can’t get a grip on myself

Give me your coat, give me your warmth,
Let me feel your heat, I want to burn,
Taste the fires of Satan’s warmth,
I can’t the heat, once again I’m spurned!

I can’t get a grip on myself!!


  • One of the 1st three Hated Uncles songs conceived, along with Name on a Gravestone & Anger.
  • The live version is faster & punkier compared to the original. It was a regular fixture in our sets when Bill & Bruce were in the band.
  • The 1st half of the lyrics were written well before The Uncles became a “real thing”. The part from “igloo” on was written while we worked through the song, and needed an ending part.
  • Always liked Paul’s trumpet playing on this one. He wails on the live version!

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