Saturn and Lunch (Bad Etiquette)

“Bad Etiquette” cassette, 1992 – Hamilton, ON

John Harvey, John Battaglia


Saturn and Lunch - drawing by Harvey Dog 2020

chatting about planets
on a bus
with a friend of mine.

“Soon, we’ll all live on the moon,
the end is coming
and the government
is increasing space colony research.”

I looked over
at the woman sitting next to me
to see if she was listening,
her eyes blinked rapidly
in nervous amazement,
I saw my friends mouth
continue moving
in free-flowing rapidity
and saw my glazed
reflection in the window
across from me.

I rang the bell
and bid a hasty farewell
to my friend
as he continued speaking
to my invisible shadow.

I stumbled off the bus
and tripped over
a brown paper lunch bag,
the remains of a banana peel
and a plastic wrapper
shone in the sun,

I sped home
in search of the latest
news bulletin and
flipped through the stations,
they remained ignorant
of my current situation,
I phoned my friends
and told them the news:
I’d meet them for lunch tomorrow
on Saturn’s rings.

Bad Etiquette cassette cover


  • I love John’s groovy bassline and keyboard work on this one. Perfect!
  • The lyric is based on a real conversation I had coming back from McMaster with a person I cannot recall.

Recorded: August 1992
Lyric Written: 1990

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