During the years from 1992 to 1996, Harvey Dog assumed a new persona. He pursued the path of Pro Wrestling. He wrestled as The Prince of Pain (the true Harvey Dog wrestling character), Sheer Terror (named by a promotion) & in the tag-team The Hollywood Hunks (with Kurt “The Warden” Pinder). I am in the process of writing about my experiences during this time.




Known Results & Thank You’s

Iron Man & Lone Wolf W Prince of Pain & Sheer Terror
Shotgun Kid & Lone Wolf W Prince of Pain & Sheer Terror
Hurricane Hugo W Prince of Pain
Iron Man W Prince of Pain (as Sheer Terror)
The Missing Link (Dewey Robertson) W Prince of Pain (as Sheer Terror)
The Warden W Prince of Pain (as Sheer Terror)
Iron Man W Prince of Pain – Exhibition Grounds CHIN Picnic
Jumping Jason Stirling W Prince of Pain
3-4 Battle Royals

Many matches at the CWF Training Centre and other training facilities, including a hard-hitting 2 out of 3 falls match against The Missing Link. We hit each other over the head stiffly with Silent Brian Mackney’s motorcycle helmet. I had the honour of wrestling Sean Morley (WWE’s Val Venis) many times, including being the first recipient of the Money Shot (top-rope splash). I was in a Battle Royal with Sexton Hardcastle (WWE’s Hall of Famer Edge).

I refereed a number of matches including Terry Morgan vs. Jet Starr, Death By Destruction vs. Blondie, Lone Wolf vs. Steve Ocean (at a nudist colony!) & the full card at a Brantford, ON show promoted by Mad Dog Rex – my last time in the ring…my last bump…ironically from Terry Morgan (the man I first went to when wanting to get into wrestling) clotheslining me accidentally in a match against Mad Dog Rex. I still had to DQ him! Sorry Terry!

I met many incredible individuals during my time in wrestling, and I appreciate every single one – especially Jason Stirling. If it wasn’t for Jason training this old fart I would not have all these memories to look back upon. Layton Morrison for taking the extra time and being so patient as he taught me how to take bumps correctly. The Missing Link (he taught me so much about psychology!), Bullwhip Danny Johnson, Ricky Johnson, Steve Ocean, Mad Dog Rex, Terry Morgan – all were great teachers.

To all the wrestlers and referees (even Harry D – he always counted my pinfall attempts so slowly and my opponents so quickly!) that I was in the ring with…thank you!

It was disappointing that as I was becoming a little less green and had gained a touch (only a touch, but a touch nonetheless) of confidence, I injured my back and never recovered. The mistake of starting at the age of 30. I’m no DDP!

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